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Tips on Copyright for Artists

Copyright is a topic about which many artists wish they knew more. Copyright refers to having exclusive rights to an original work, including the right to reproduce, sell, make derivative works, and exhibit them publicly. It is important to understand how copyright applies to your work in order to prevent exploitation. Here is a quick lesson on protecting your ownership rights over your own work....(more)

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Having a Career as an Artist

When we think of the lives of great artists, we often think of the many tragedies and hardships endured by masters such as Vincent Van Gogh, Jimi Hendrix, and Leonardo DaVinci. But it's not exactly true. A career as an artist is often rich and fulfilling, no matter whether you're a musician, a photographer, a writer or a painter. Whatever path you choose, inform yourself about what to expect with a career in the arts....(more)

How to Start Painting

It takes hard work and practice to master any craft, and painting is no different. To get better at painting, you have to practice. However, many people often wonder where to begin, especially if they have never used this medium before. If you have a desire to learn how to start painting, you can take a look at some of these easy to follow tips in order to get started....(more)

Free Online Courses for Learning the Basics of Oil Painting

The art of oil painting is enjoyable, relaxing and even potentially profitable. If you are thinking of trying this art form, then check out these free online courses that teach painting basics....(more)

Still Life

How to Make a Simple Shadow Box for Painting Still Life

Artists who paint still life will often set up their arrangements of objects in a shadow box to isolate and control the light on the objects. A simple one is inexpensive and relatively easy to make....(more)

Who Were Some Notable Still Life Painters?

Though painters who worked in still life are not historically as well known as painters who worked in other genres, several stand out....(more)

How to Paint a Simple Still Life in Oils in Alla Prima Method

In addition to the appeal of the genre in itself, still life painting is an excellent way for beginning oil painters to start, and a good way for experienced painters to hone their skills....(more)


Introduction to Art Styles

Learning about art can be daunting. There are many different styles within the field, with artists expressing a variety of interpretations about the world. Having a list of art styles can help if you are a beginner to the field. Here is a primer to help deepen your appreciation of art....(more)

Tips for Understanding the Monetary Value of a Painting

Painting values can differ by incredible amounts depending on certain factors. To the average onlooker with no experience with painting and no artistic education, two paintings that seem similar might have more than $1 million separating their value. When it comes to art appreciation and valuation, it is important to know exactly what you are seeing. The following tips can help you to understand the important elements of a painting that affect its monetary and historical value better....(more)

Appreciating Wassily Kandinsky Quotes

Born in 1866 in Moscow, Russia, Wassily Kandinsky is a truly monumental figure in the history of art. He is credited as the first completely abstract artist in the Western art tradition. If that isn't enough, he also left a tremendous legacy of art theory behind him, as well as many pithy quotes to assist any artist looking for guidance. Take a look at some Kandinsky quotes and how he practiced the words he shared....(more)

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